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Phoenix Suns


The Suns training staff has long been considered a top-tier unit. Since the 2005-06 season, Aaron Nelson and his team have finished below the league average for games missed in nine out of 12 seasons, including eight top-10 finishes and seven top-5 finishes. After a down year in 2015-16, Phoenix’s health drastically improved last season vaulting them back to that upper echelon.

Unfortunately, the 2017-18 is already off to a rocky start following multiple offseason injuries. Point guard Brandon Knight suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during a pro-am game and is expected to miss the entire year. Those 82 games lost would be one less than last year’s total for the season. Throw in meniscus repairs for Alan Williams and rookie Davon Reed and it seems inevitable that the Suns’ injury total will be noticeably above the norm.

Despite the setbacks, the Suns medical staff has shown a strong knack for rehabbing athletes back to high levels and had a great deal of success prolonging the careers of older players. The combination should prove valuable for a franchise looking to rebuild with promising young talent supplemented by established veterans.