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Miami Heat


Miami’s second half surge is even more impressive when the massive number of injuries are considered. The Heat led the NBA in total games lost to injury for the first time due to assumed and unforeseen injuries. 82 games of their total were attributed to forward Chris Bosh who was unable to receive medical clearance to following multiple bouts with blood clots. Forward Josh McRoberts endured another lost season due to a stress fracture in his foot while up-and-coming forward Justise Winslow missed 16 games with a wrist injury and 48 more following surgery to fix a torn labrum. However, it was a late season ankle sprain that forced Dion Waiters out of the lineup that may have been the most impactful.

Now with the majority of the lineup resigned and returning, the Heat will look to make a return to the postseason. Sadly, an injury has already surfaced with forward Rodney McGruder slated for surgery to stabilize a tibial stress fracture. He is expected to miss at least three months recovering.

Miami’s depth will allow the team to manage his absence but makes the work of Jay Sabol and the rest of the Heat medical staff that much more important. Fortunately, Sabol has a championship pedigree and a proven track record having led Miami to four top-10 finishes in his time as head athletic trainer. Getting Bosh off the books will also help Miami’s numbers return to the norm.