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Brooklyn Nets


Brooklyn’s methodical rebuild continued last season with a revamped medical team and a state-of-the-art training facility. Director of player performance Zach Weatherford and first-year head athletic trainer Lloyd Beckett led a modest improvement in game’s lost to injury and successfully minimized salary dollars lost to injury.

19 of the team’s 147 games lost to injury were expected from the start when the team invested in Caris LeVert, a talented prospect coming off of multiple foot surgeries. However it was a reoccurring hamstring issue for point guard Jeremy Lin that proved to be the most impactful injury for Brooklyn. Lin’s problems accounted for 30 percent of Brooklyn’s total games lost, 71 percent of the salary dollars lost, and 33 percent of the team’s minutes per game lost.

The team was aggressive in the offseason adding DeMarre Carroll, Allen Crabbe, and D’Angelo Russell in trades. Each of these players comes with varying degrees of injury risk but could help accelerate the rebuilding process if they are able to stay on the court.

If Weatherford and Beckett can build on last year’s success then the Brooklyn on-court product should be equally improved. Any movement up in the standings will be welcome with Cleveland now owning their first-round draft pick.