San Antonio Spurs

  • Head Athletic Trainer: Will Sevening (16 Years as Head AT)
  • Total Games Lost to Injury Since the 2005-06 Season: 859 (1st in the league)
  • Total Cost for Games Lost to Injury Since the 2005-06 Season: $56,519,710 (1st)
  • 2013-14 Games Missed Due to Injury: 102 (5th)
  • 2013-14 Cost of Games Missed Due to Injury: $10,470,586 (11th)
  • Average Rank In Games Missed to Injury Since the 2005-06 Season: 7.4 (1st)
  • Average Rank In Cost of Injuries Since the 2005-06 Season: 8.9 (2nd)
  • Best Finish in Games Missed Ranks: 5 (2013-14)
  • Worst Finish in Games Missed Ranks: 14 (2008-09)


The Spurs are the reigning champions and an organization heralded as one of the best from top to bottom. So it should come as no surprise that their medical staff ranks as the most successful staff in the NBA since the injury list was eliminated prior to the 2005-06 season. In that span, the team has missed the fewest number games to injury and lost the least amount of money in the league and never finished above the league average in either category. Led by head athletic trainer Will Sevening, the Spurs have found a way to keep a veteran team continually competitive.

Last season’s performance was particularly impressive. Working closely with Head Coach Gregg Popovich, the team closely monitored the minutes of each player. Days of rest were handed out to every player on the roster and not a single player averaged more than 30 minutes a game during the regular season. As a result, the Spurs appeared fresh throughout the postseason, withstanding an early test from the Mavericks before steamrolling to the fifth franchise in team history.

The year wasn’t completely devoid of injury as eventual Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard missed 14 games with a non-displaced fracture in his hand. Manu Ginobili, affectionately called “El Contusion” by former teammate Brent Barry, missed time early in the season with a reoccurring hamstring problem and Tony Parker was sidelined with shin and back problems. However the team stuck with their philosophy and were healthy went it mattered.

Their initial 2014-15 numbers will suffer with guard Patty Mills still recovering from offseason rotator cuff surgery but there is little reason to doubt Sevening and his staff’s ability to repeat their previous success. Injuries are unavoidable but San Antonio’s track record for patiently treating and returning players at the appropriate time should help the franchise adequately defend their title.


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