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Understanding Kyrie Irving’s Patella Fracture

The NBA Finals was dramatically altered Friday when it was announced All-Star guard Kyrie Irving will miss the remainder of the series after a MRI revealed a fractured patella (kneecap). Irving is slated to undergo surgery in the coming days and becomes the second of Cleveland’s talented trio to suffer a season ending injury in […]

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Understanding the NBA Concussion Policy

The Golden State Warriors have blazed through the Western Conference playoffs and will face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the team’s first NBA Finals appearance since 1975. However the availability of guard Klay Thompson is in doubt after he was sustained in a concussion in the team’s series clinching win over the Rockets.

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Understanding Kyle Korver’s Injury: A Complete Primer to Ankle Injuries

ACL tears are devastating and concussions are the rightful hot topic in sports. However neither injury has dominated the NBA like the ankle sprain. Nearly every player from every era has felt the pain of a turn, tweak, or twist of the joint. An ankle sprain was one of the few injuries to sideline Michael […]

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Understanding Chris Paul’s Hamstring Strain & the Issues Moving Forward

The Spurs and Clippers seven game series was a first-round matchup for the ages that was ultimately decided by Chris Paul hitting an impossible bank shot off of his left leg. What made the shot particularly impressive was Paul elevated off the same leg in which he had sustained a hamstring strain earlier in the […]

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Understanding Kevin Durant’s Bone Graft

The worst case scenario for Kevin Durant and the Thunder has finally emerged. The lingering soreness in his problematic right foot has been diagnosed as a regression in the healing process and a third surgery will required. The reigning MVP will not play again this year and is expected to miss at least four-to-six months […]

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