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Understanding Cupping and Its Role in Professional Sports

Every four years the spotlight shines on the athletes of the Olympic games. With individuals participating from all corners of the globe, the games bring with them a wide range of approach and technique in multiple facets, including sports medicine. Whether it’s magnetic pulse therapy for downhill skiers or kinesio tape on beach volleyball players, […]

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Bryce Harper and the Sliding Debate

For the second straight season Washington National outfielder Bryce Harper heads to the disabled list due to an injury attributed to his aggressive style of play. Last year he missed 31 games following a collision with an outfield wall in Dodgers Stadium. The impact resulted in a severe case of knee bursitis that ultimately required […]

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Breaking Down Andrea Bargnani’s Elbow Woes

The Knicks continue to be ravaged by injury as offseason acquisition Andrea Bargnani joins Kenyon Martin, Metta World Peace, and Amar’e Stoudemire on the sidelines. Bargnani suffered a torn ligament in his left elbow on his now infamous failed dunk attempt. According to Knicks reporter Scott Cacciola, the injury occurred to his ulnar collateral ligament […]

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Understanding Microfracture Surgery: Why Derek Holland Isn’t Amar’e Stoudemire

The words “microfracture surgery” rank among the scariest in sports medicine ever since Dr. Richard Steadman began performing the procedure several decades ago. Microfracture surgery has altered the careers of multiple professional athletes, particularly in the NBA. The most infamous example of microfracture occurred in 2005 when All-Star forward Amar’e Stoudemire underwent the procedure while […]

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