Understanding Lamarcus Aldridge’s Radial Collateral Ligament Tear

LaMarcus Aldridge is expected to miss at least the next six weeks after a second MRI on his injured thumb revealed a torn radial collateral ligament (RCL). The All-Star forward has already been placed in a cast and will undergo surgery to repair the damage.

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Understanding Kobe Bryant’s Rotator Cuff Injury and the Uncertainty It Brings

For the third straight season Kobe Bryant has been diagnosed with a significant injury. After working his way back from an Achilles rupture and a tibial plateau fracture, Bryant has now suffered a torn rotator cuff muscle in his right shooting shoulder.

The injury appears to have occurred following a dunk in the team’s loss to New Orleans on Wednesday. Bryant played a stretch of the game left-handed before being removed in obvious discomfort. The former MVP attempted to downplay the injury following the game but a subsequent MRI revealed the tear.

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Understanding Jrue Holiday’s Stress Reaction

The Pelicans announced guard Jrue Holiday has been diagnosed with a stress reaction in right lower leg late Wednesday evening. Holiday had been a spectator for four consecutive games before the diagnosis and is expected to miss at least the next two week resting the area.

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Understanding Rudy Gay’s Lateral Capsule Sprain

The Sacramento Kings have had a roller coaster of a season with their early season success and the stellar play of DeMarcus Cousins overshadowed by a surprise change in coaches and Cousins’ peculiar bout with viral meningitis. The team struggled without their best player, losing eight of the 10 games in which Cousins was sidelined. Now the team is preparing to manage another uncommon injury as forward Rudy Gay suffered a left knee injury early in the team’s overtime loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

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Understanding Deron Williams’ Rib Cartilage Injury

Brooklyn point guard Deron Williams has been ruled out indefinitely after further tests on his left side injury revealed a fractured rib. The injury is a somewhat unique injury as the fracture isn’t located in bone itself but the connective cartilage instead.

The rib cage is made up of 24 ribs (12 on each side), the sternum (more commonly known as the breastbone), the thoracic vertebrae of the spine, and a specialized type of connective tissue known as costal cartilage. The costal cartilages of ribs 1 through 7 attach directly to the sternum and the manubrium and body of the sternum. Ribs 8 through 10 are known as the false ribs and attach to the costal cartilage of the ribs directly above them. The remaining two ribs, 11 and 12, do no attach to the sternum but do have associated cartilage in the area and remain connected to the spine.

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