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Jeff Stotts-In Street Clothes Bio PicJeff Stotts is a certified athletic trainer (ATC) with a passion for writing. He graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana in 2005 with his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. In 2007, he received his Master’s of Athletic Training  from Texas Tech University Health Science Center and currently holds PES and CES certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He’s been a member of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association since 2005 and currently works for St. Vincent Health Systems. Stotts has gained valuable experience in a variety of levels in a wide range of sports. Basketball has always been his passion and considers his time as a graduate student with the Texas Tech Men’s Basketball team one of his most enjoyable experiences.

Stotts began writing as a way to help the average sports fan better understand the impact of sports-related injuries. He currently serves as the Injury Analyst for Rotowire.com, the leading fantasy sports resource on the web. His weekly columns help fantasy owners get an in-depth look at the injuries impacting athletes in the MLB, NBA, and NFL. He’s a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and Professional Basketball Writers Association. He was the recipient of the 2011 FSWA Award for Best Fantasy Football Article in Print for his article on inherent injury risk in football players.

Stotts has also been a regular contributor at DallasBasketball.com, providing his injury insight to all things Dallas Mavericks. His work has also appeared on the New York Times Baseball Blog, Foxsports.com, as well as contributions to USA Today, ESPN,com, SI.com and Bleacher Report.

In October of 2012 Stotts began building a comprehensive NBA injury database. The database includes more than just information about injuries that forced a player to miss games but also any noted injury in their professional career. He has cataloged the careers of over 1,200 players and has a complete set of data dating back to the 2005-06 season. This website is his way of sharing the fruits of labor and helping apply statistical analysis to injuries and sports.

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